3 Ways to Prevent Frozen Pipes

Waking up to frozen pipes is one of the many nightmares a homeowner faces, but a realistic possibility when winter rolls around. It’s a problem that countless families have endured. So often winter means frigid temperatures that sometimes dip well below freezing.

Not only do we suffer when temperatures drop this low, so do many of the fixtures in our homes, mainly the pipes and plumbing system. Save the frustrating experience of frozen pipes, as well as the need to call a plumber for a repair and endure the costs and time that comes along with this problem.

Follow the tips below to prevent frozen pipes:

Tip 1: Turn up the Heat

On especially cold nights when temperatures drop below freezing, turning up the heat is a good idea. Should the temperature in your home fall below 55 degrees, it may cause the pipes to freeze.

Turning up the thermostat a couple of degrees can put your mind at ease and minimize risks. This isn’t something that needs to be done all of the time, so don’t keep the heat up all of the time and cost yourself money in energy consumption.

Tip 2: Insulate the Pipes

Insulting the pipes is a very important task for any homeowner. Exposed pipes freeze much faster, such as those found in crawl spaces and in garages. Use space heaters in at-risk areas for added protection, but keep in mind the added concerns the heater may also bring.

Although it’s impossible to insulate all of the pipes, insulate those you can and you’ll notice a dramatic difference. You can call a plumber out to insulate the home and reap the rewards.

Tip 3: Leave the Water Running

Leave your faucets dripping water when the temperatures outside fall under 32 degrees to prevent pipes from freezing. This is one of the oldest tricks in the books that homeowners use that is also recommended by plumbers and other professionals.

It’s best to turn on hot and cold to create a lukewarm flow through the pipes. Visit www.drainrescueplumbers.com for additional resources and information.

The Bottom Line

Winter weather is cold and dreary and oftentimes brings with it an array of risks, including frozen pipes. If the pipes in your home freeze, you may endure burst pipes or expensive repair costs, neither of which you want. Don’t let things get this far when the tips above are simple to use and reduce the risks of frozen pipes in your home?

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