4 Ways to Avoid Injury During a Move

Suffering an injury during a move can lead to all sorts of problems. From having to sit out or delay the move following an accident to the long-term consequences of a more serious injury, safety should always be the number one priority during a move. Learning properly ways to lift and carry or hiring professional movers to assist with the job can help to minimize the risk of an accident, injury or other mishap.

1. Proper Lifting Techniques

The vast majority of all move-related injuries are caused due to improper lifting techniques. Loads that are simply too heavy, lifting with the back and not the legs or attempting to turn at the waist while holding something heavy are common mistakes that may lead to injury. Understanding body mechanics and practicing safe lifting techniques are not issues to be taken lightly.

2. Survey the Environment

Environmental hazards are another concern that needs to be addressed. Stairs, dimly-lit environments and slippery surfaces can all be extremely dangerous during a move. Assessing the environment, planning the safest route and conferring with professional movers to ensure that everyone involved in the move has been made aware of a potential safety issue is essential. It may be worthwhile to visit www.matcocalgarymovers.com for more information.

3. Finding the Right Equipment

A dolly, lift or cart can ensure that even bulky items and heavy loads can be transported with ease. Even something as simple as a back-brace can ensure that lifting is done in a safe manner. Trying to move without access to the full range of equipment and other resources that may be required could wind up being a recipe for disaster.

4. Extra Help Makes a Difference

Trying to relocate even a modest household typically requires considerable effort and a little extra help can go a long way. Those who elect to do all the heavy lifting themselves are more likely to suffer from a sprain, pulled muscle or other types of avoidable injury. Contracting with professional movers means that lack of manpower is less likely to become an issue. Experienced professionals can also provide any equipment or other resources that may be needed in order to ensure that everything can be moved quickly, efficiently and with less risk of a mishap.

With so many details that need to be addressed, planning and preparation play a key role in ensuring a successful move. Identifying any potential safety concerns and taking steps to address them serves to minimize or even eliminate many of the risk factors that could lead to an injury. Surveying the environment and sourcing any equipment or assistance that may be required in order to ensure a safe and issue-free move can be well worth the time, effort or expense involved.

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