7 Reasons to Ditch Your Old Toilet

A simple change in the toilet of your home can make a huge difference in how the bathroom looks and the fixture operates. An experienced plumber can switch your old, dated, or broken toilet for a more contemporary model fast.

1. Cracks in the Bowl or the Tank

Even if you have cracks in the bowl or tank that aren’t leaking presently, it’s only a matter of time. It’s a good idea to begin shopping for a new toilet if either one has a crack and avoid sustaining serious water damage and flooding of your bathroom. Any type of DIY fix will only offer a temporary reprieve.

2. The Toilet Design Doesn’t Match Your Style

Toilets are made in a wide variety of designs. It’s always possible to purchase a home that has a toilet installed with a design far from your personal preference. Begin seeking a toilet more to your liking and have a professional plumbing service install the new one. For additional resources, you may be able to learn more at the www.caldwellplumbing.ca website.

3. What’s With the Odd Color?

Have you inherited a bathroom that has an odd color choice for the toilet? Maybe you picked it a long time ago and have since become less enchanted by the view. Gold, baby blue, pink, and brown are not uncommon colors to find in older porcelain. If you can’t stand the color of your toilet, replace it with the color of your choice.

4. Impossible Stains You Can’t Remove

Water with high iron content, rusty pipes, or internal porcelain scratches can all lead to stains in the toilet that proves impossible to remove. The only way to completely cure this problem is to remove the stained one and replace it with a fresh toilet. You might need to install a filtering system to your water or replace pipes to remove the iron or rust.

5. The Toilet Uses Too Much Water

Older toilets did not take water conservation into account. Some can use up to 8-liters of water per flush. Ask your plumber about the best water-saving models available.

6. Toilet is Old and Out-of-Date

Placing a new, contemporary designed toilet in your bathroom can strip it of an od, dated look. Leave the 1950’s behind and choose a newer, more modern look for your bathroom. Make one of the most used rooms of your house look more updated and ready to tackle the new century.

7. You Want Extra Gadgets

Having a toilet with the basics of a seat, lid, and standard flush handle is nice, but you can also upgrade to models that include automatic flush, top flush, automatic seat and lid opening/closing, a nightlight, and more.

Get a qualified plumber to install a new toilet if your current fixture has seen its better days.

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