4 Ways to Avoid Injury During a Move

Suffering an injury during a move can lead to all sorts of problems. From having to sit out or delay the move following an accident to the long-term consequences of a more serious injury, safety should always be the number one priority during a move. Learning properly ways to lift and carry or hiring professional movers to assist with the job can help to minimize the risk of an accident, injury or other mishap.

1. Proper Lifting Techniques

The vast majority of all move-related injuries are caused due to improper lifting techniques. Loads that are simply too heavy, lifting with the back and not the legs or attempting to turn at the waist while holding something heavy are common mistakes that may lead to injury. Understanding body mechanics and practicing safe lifting techniques are not issues to be taken lightly.

2. Survey the Environment

Environmental hazards are another concern that needs to be addressed. Stairs, dimly-lit environments and slippery surfaces can all be extremely dangerous during a move. Assessing the environment, planning the safest route and conferring with professional movers to ensure that everyone involved in the move has been made aware of a potential safety issue is essential. It may be worthwhile to visit www.matcocalgarymovers.com for more information.

3. Finding the Right Equipment

A dolly, lift or cart can ensure that even bulky items and heavy loads can be transported with ease. Even something as simple as a back-brace can ensure that lifting is done in a safe manner. Trying to move without access to the full range of equipment and other resources that may be required could wind up being a recipe for disaster.

4. Extra Help Makes a Difference

Trying to relocate even a modest household typically requires considerable effort and a little extra help can go a long way. Those who elect to do all the heavy lifting themselves are more likely to suffer from a sprain, pulled muscle or other types of avoidable injury. Contracting with professional movers means that lack of manpower is less likely to become an issue. Experienced professionals can also provide any equipment or other resources that may be needed in order to ensure that everything can be moved quickly, efficiently and with less risk of a mishap.

With so many details that need to be addressed, planning and preparation play a key role in ensuring a successful move. Identifying any potential safety concerns and taking steps to address them serves to minimize or even eliminate many of the risk factors that could lead to an injury. Surveying the environment and sourcing any equipment or assistance that may be required in order to ensure a safe and issue-free move can be well worth the time, effort or expense involved.

7 Signs You Need New Plumbing

Few people like to think of the cost associated with new plumbing. A good plumber can give you an honest opinion as to whether you need to make the investment. Below are seven signs you might need new plumbing.

1- Outdated Plumbing

Plumbing that’s 50 or 60-years old is a ticking time bomb. It’s only a matter of time before you begin experiencing serious problems. Outdated toilets, sinks, showers, tubs, and faucets bring down the value of your home. Consider making affordable upgrades to protect your home investment.

2- Poor Water Quality

Bad odors and taste to your water is a sign you have sediment building up or you have deep pipe leaks. You can sometimes clear out mineral build-up, but soil and other sediment are a sign of more serious problems.

3- Low Water Pressure

Low water pressure can be an aggravating problem for a busy home. You need the assistance of a professional plumber to find the actual source of the problem. You may have a break in pipes that’s not easy to locate, which brings down your overall water pressure. Plumbing services can find breaks and install new pipes to improve water pressure.

4- Mold Near Plumbing

Seeing signs of black mold is a signal that you have water leaking nearby. You need to find out where the water is leaking and have the plumbing or fixtures replaced. It’s important to also have any black mold professionally removed for your health.

5- Upgrade in Plumbing Materials

Older homes with original plumbing might need to have materials replaced with more durable pipes, connections, and valves. Homeowners sometimes change out to PEX pipes for the added flexibility and ability to avoid freezing. For more resources, the www.drainrescueplumbers.com website may provide you with additional information.

6- Water Discoloration

Rusty colored water is a sign your water pipes are badly corroded. If the pipes are corroded enough to discolor the water, chances are the pipes already leak water consistently. Water filtration can clear up the looks of the water, but it doesn’t solve the problem.

7- Obvious Leaks and Breaks

Your eyes can help you determine when it’s time to get new plumbing. Leaking fixtures, faucets, and pipes can cost you hundreds or thousands of dollars in extra water charges. Little leaks and malfunctions can be fixed, but experiencing major pipe breaks and failed plumbing fixtures means its time to change some plumbing.

Call in a plumber any time you feel you might be ready to begin getting estimates for new plumbing.

Pine beetles continue to attack Alberta’s forests

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Forestry officials in Alberta are continuing the fight against the mountain pine beetle. From what started with 25 dead trees near Canmore, the total now tops 4.2 million killed, with millions more at risk.

Over the last decade the province spent nearly $300 million on managing the beetle and stopping its spread. If not managed properly, the beetle invasion will eventually damage watersheds, fisheries, and wildlife habitat.

The adaptable insects are difficult to kill with chemicals and they now greatly outnumber any natural predators. Lodgepole pine trees in B.C. are developing natural defenses to the insect, but this has not happened in Alberta yet. Presently officials are removing strands of infested trees to contain areas and cut off the beetle’s food source.

Ontario to change green energy rules following WTO ruling

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Ontario announced plans to change its green energy rules after the World Trade Organization said it violated international law.

Ontario gives lucrative subsidies to developers of green energy but requires them to source 60 per cent of their equipment from within the province.

Ontario expects to have the legislation to change the offending law ready by early next year

Research questions need for environmental assessment overhaul

The vast majority of environmental reviews triggered by the Fisheries Act were completed within the recommended time frame, according to new research from a University of Toronto PhD candidate.

The research looking at 10 years of data was published in the peer-reviewed Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences. Its conclusion questions the logic behind the recent overhaul by the federal government.

The Harper government at the time said the overhaul of the review process was needed to clear bottlenecks, but except for a few mega projects reviews were done on time.